Easy Peasy Lemon Sqeezy

I love to cook. But.......I HATE to clean up. So, I end up finding really yuumy things to make that are supder-duper easy! Most of the time, it's just a matter of combining things you know are good with other good things that you know are good to come up with new combos. I am here to help you find those combos. :)

I'm also a "add ____ to taste". Unless I'm following a reciepe, I don't have exact measurements for ya. Need more? Double it. Is it just you? Now you have leftovers for tomorrow's lunch!

Healthy Kielbasa Stir-fry
Serves 2

~your favorite fresh stir fry veggies*
~whole wheat (not wheat blend) spaghetti or spiral noodles
~Teriyaki sauce
~Olive oil (I use extra light tasting extra vigrin olive oil)

*99.9% of the time I buy pre-washed and bagged fresh broccili florets, snow peas (which are different that sugar-snap peas) and broccili slaw. No prep! SUPER easy!

Cook pasta according to directions on package

Fry turkey sausage with a little olive oil on meduim for 10 min (while pasta is cooking)

Steam veggies in a separate pan (turn the pan on high, throw the veggies in with a little olive oil add about 1 c of water and cover. Viola! Steamer. :) When the veggies are cooked to desiered tenderness, turn off heat, pour out any water that might be left, and add a couple of tablespoons (or however much you want) of the Teriyaki sauce to flavor the veggies.

A cup of noodles, half the sausage, and a healthy serving of veggies----throw 'em on the plate. Anyone on Weight Watchers? 1c. ww pasta and 6oz. of kielbasa is 9 pts.

You're done. Easy, right?


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