Gran's Sweet Potatoes

This was an email from Gran, over at Roc Rebel Granny. She and I both cook the same, throwing things in that we have on hand and a dash of this, dash of that.....I bet she is better at it than I am. I had to ask her about her sweet potato recipe and this was her reply below. Thank you, Gran! xoxo


Those sweet potatoes came from a Betty Crocker box and were a mixture of sweets and russets. When I make them, I either cook yams (not really sweet potatoes) or open 3 large cans of yams (drained), then combine them with butter, brown sugar, a couple of eggs, dollop of orange marmalade, enough of whatever fruit juice I have on hand (orange is probably best) to make is about pumpkin pie consistency and the same spices you use for pumpkin pie (pretty much).

Mix until almost fluffy, dump in casserole dish, and bake maybe an hour - long enough to heat through and to be sure eggs are cooked. Add marshmallows (I use the minis) at last minute and put back in oven to brown.

It works better if you beat the eggs first but no problem if you forget.

I'm very flexible. Sometime I use brown sugar, sometimes whatever jelly or syrup I have hanging around. Sometimes I toss in some Mandarin oranges and I've been known to add raisins or even walnuts.

Sweet potatoes will work too but yams are prettier and brighter.

Usually I'm doing a ham at the same time so I throw everything in a pot except for the potatoes, butter, and eggs, cook it on the stove for a bit, and use it to glaze the ham. The rest goes in the sweet potatoes.

That's why I have a hard time sending people recipes.


Thank you Gran, they turned out so yummy. The kids practically ate their weight in these!


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