Summer drink

I heard Nigella Lawson on NPR the other day, talking about having a backyard dinner, like a BBQ, that still has some style. One drink suggestion really caught my interest, and I tried it and loved it. Her suggestion:

Mix one part rose wine with one part club soda and add some orange peel shavings. (Okay, I didn't do the orange peel because I'm not THAT fancy.)

I found that if you add slightly more wine than soda, it tastes even better. I guess it's a bit like making your own wine coolers? Anyway, it's a perfect summer drink: not too heavy.

She mentioned that wine purists (read: "snobs") turn their little noses up at rose wines, but I like them.

I've tried this idea with a red wine I had that was a bit too sweet, and it was perfect with that as well. I have the feeling semi-sweet or sweet wines work best.

Let me know if you try it.


Mae said…
I am going to have to try this one.
Ems said…
YUMMY!!! I prefer semi-sweet, but it's VERY good. I did the hoity toity orange shavings cause I'm difficult that way. :o)
Scarlet W. Blue said…
Let us know, Mae.

Glad you liked it, Ems.

I forgot to add that you should use a fair amount of ice, too. I like it that way, anyway.

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