Chocolate Hell.

This is for all you chocaholics out there.
It's the ultimate frozen chocolate pie that keeps on giving.
My budget for this baby was $20. and one penny.
It's been over a week and there is still some left in the freezer.

AJ has a pic of it over on her blog.
Here we go:

Bottom layer: Ice cream sandwiches 12 for this recipe.
2nd layer: Chocolate Ice Cream
3rd layer Sliced Klondike bars and Hershey chocolate bars.
(2 pkgs. Klondike bars and one pkg. small Hershey bars)
4th layer: fill in with crushed graham crackers.
(I happend to have cinnamon graham crackers on hand.)
4th layer: Vanilla Ice Cream/ topped with semi-sweet morsels.

Drizzle chocolate syrup/sauce in between layers.

A small slice will do.
It's great to give to small children right at bedtime!

We had some friends who used to order Death by Chocolate at a Tulsa restaurant.
Over time the wife forgot the name of it and would simply call it, "Chocolate Hell"
This is my ode to her.


Aunt Jo said…
I got a call at work: "Mom you are going to love dessert tonight!"

"AJ I can't wait for you to see this!" says UJ

THey had a ball making it and I hope we can make another one again soon. UJ already has some changes he wants to make. :o)

I suggested NUTS next time.

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